Mesmerizing experiences with playable rooms, game controllers, interactive projections and robotics. Responsive environments are created with unique generative animations, original videography and musical scores featuring english horns, eastern and western oboes, and unaltered field recordings.


Trans-media recitals featuring original compositions for Eastern and Western oboes and single reeded horns. Recitals include solo and chamber music performance with live-visuals, robotics and audience participation.


These pieces augment my other performance and installation projects and fill a different niche. Some are commissions for larger ensembles and some utilize unaltered field recordings of natural sounds as melodic and rhythmic content.

Masterclasses & Workshops in Interactive Technology and Code

Presentations, Masterclasses, Individual and group Lessons available in beginning creative code, custom electronics, Arduino, interactive media, multimedia composition and performance technologies.

Oboe Studio

Private lessons include classical Oboe and reed making, ensemble couching and improvisation.

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Classical Oboist turned Media Artist, Composer, Creative Technologist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Improviser, Immersive Art Installation & Multimedia Concert Artist - Available for Concerts, Presentations, Workshops, Commissions & Collaborations.
Robbie Lynn Hunsinger was a top notch classical oboist before becoming a composer, improviser, multi-instrumentalist, media artist, creative technologist and educator. She is a pioneer in oboe performance, interactive installation, responsive media performance and creative technology and one of the few living artists to integrate, solder and code all of these elements herself.

She is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and a powerful environmental and conservation activist and is the Founder of the now famous Chicago Bird Collision Monitors program, one of the largest and most effective hands on conservation efforts in the world.

Robbie Lynn has performed with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, toured with the Chicago and Atlanta Symphony, performed at Marlboro Music Festival, Blossom Festival, The Chicago Jazz Festival, The Chicago World Music Festival and South by Southwest. She has taught at several universities including Northern Illinois University, Elmhurst College, Fisk University and Watkins School of Art. She studied oboe with John Mack, Elaine Douvas and Grover Schiltz and graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Music.

She was as an obbligato soloist with the Chicago Symphony and played duets with Evan Parker at two of Chicago’s FMP Festivals of Improvised Music. Her list of credits include playing English Horn on the Chicago Symphony’s triple Grammy Winner “The Wooden Prince” with Pierre Boulez, touring as an Oboe d’ Amore soloist with Robert Shaw’s Choral Institute in France, a national tour with the Warner Brother’s Orchestra and presentations and workshops at a number of conferences including her “Oboe and Xbox” presentation at Chamber Music America’s conference in New York. She has performed with Pauline Oliveros, led the Trio project with the late Art Ensemble of Chicago’s Joseph Jarman (which received a 4 Star review in Downbeat,) has played with Ken Vandermark, Michael Zerang, Jaap Blonk, Tatsu Aoki and sat in with Cassadra Wilson’s band at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall on her Miles Davis Tour.

Robbie Lynn has become a true ambassador for the oboe, forging distinctive paths in free jazz, rock and contemporary classical music as well as in cutting edge multimedia performance and installation. Her interactive installation “Blue-Yellow-Red” used the surround sound of 6 English Horns along with Chinese oboe and soprano sax.

Her irresistibly playful and immersive installations have won a “Best of Year” write up from Burnaway Magazine, glowing reviews in Make Magazine and funding from Nashville’s Metro Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. She has exhibited at the Frist Art Museum, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, ISEA Chicago and Thomas Blackman Gallery. Her ongoing VR collaboration with Theresa Loong was part of New York City’s 16 Days to End Gender Violence 2022 and won a Diverse Gamers Grant from the International Game Developers Fund. She also just completed a multiple year collaboration with Metro Arts on a new interactive music and light installation at Nashville’s Mill Ridge Park by Daily Tous Les Jours opened in August 2023.

She is a stellar musician, composer, media and installation artist and educator and is available as a presenter, visiting artist, educator and performer. Her masterclass specialties include oboe, beginning coding, beginning electronics, micro-controllers and improvisation.

PO Box 160475 Nashville, TN 37216
ph (615) 274-1861
fax (615) 676-2155

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"A Snake Charmer for the Digital Age"

Hunsinger's woodwind playing recalls the Eastern-influenced post-bebop sound that John Coltrane found on Live at the Village Vanguard, and the way she controls visual elements with her instrument casts the artist as a snake charmer for the digital age."

"Snake Charmer for the Digital Age"

Nashville Scene - Joe Nolan

SynthX4 includes contrasting audio synthesizer loops that feed video synthesizers to create live eye candy in response to the musical inputs.
If Hunsinger didn’t play her instruments so well, I’d simply call her a performance artist. But she’s plainly talented, deeply learned and wildly inventive in both her techniques and concepts. I just call her one of Nashville’s most important artists, and our best ambassador for more crossover at the edges of our city’s art and music scenes.

"one of Nashville’s most important artists"

Crawl Space: December 2022 Nashville Scene - Joe Nolan

From the strange instrumentation (music box piano, Tibetan singing bowls) to eerie electronics, the performance was mesmerizing."


Nashville Arts Magazine - Joseph E. Morgan preview of multimedia chamber composition, Eclipse

Robbie Lynn Hunsinger’s interactive audiovisual project [Constellation] is a genius bit of responsive technology that merges the movements of participants with sound and animation."

"genius bit of responsive technology "

Burnaway Magazine - Erica Ciccarone Nashville Best of Year

The mashup of technology used in the exhibit is great...Once people enter the exhibit and start stepping, rolling, jumping or doing whatever the art compels them to do then the exhibit comes alive with light and sound. “Blue-Yellow-Red” is a fascinating exhibit that lets participants interact with the technology and experience light and sound with all their senses."

"exhibit comes alive with light and sound"

Make Magazine - Ian LeeStep into Light and Sound in Interactive Synesthesia Experience

Call it the miseducation of Robbie Hunsinger: a classically trained double-reed player, proficient on the oboe and several of its cousins, takes a left turn from Music of the Baroque and sinks waist deep in Chicago's fertile avant- garde ...[with] protean instrumental skills

"protean instrumental skills"

Chicago Reader - Critic's Choice Neil Tesser