Installed at Nashville’s Adventure Science Center through May 2018.

Children and adults experience the thrill of making original art and soundscapes with ConCentrics. Beautiful captured stills can be printed, Instagrammed, Facebooked or shown sequentially on monitors or projectors.

Spiro-centric geometrics and a color wave create complex artworks using four custom programmed Nintendo Wii remotes. Drawings with overlapping bright geometric line shapes respond to arm waving and button pushes. A moving vertical wave of color threads behind the geometric animations or erases them in turn. The soundscape is a triple theremin, each tone independently affected by subtle turns and twists of the remote. Hunsinger programmed ConCentrics 3.0 in Processing. She tracks data streams from each remote and transforms movement into a rich collaborative art-making installation. A unending variety of generative drawings are possible, from space age landscapes to beautifully intricate designs. Each remote creates a specific concentric shape but buttons add additional geometrics and morphs to the mix.

Online lessons available in beginning code. Click here for more details.

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