Glowing Press about SynthX4  
Joe Nolan from the Nashville Scene call’s Robbie Lynn
“one of Nashville’s most important artists”

Responsive media composition SynthX4 Suite features 2 audio synthesizer tracks fed into 2 sound responsive video synthesizers, which are then fed through an analog video mixer. Instruments and voice are live sampled and looped to create rich background tracks for improvised solos.

This project comes out of the Covid years which included the loss of Robbie Lynn’s mother and the loss of a 25 year relationship. The music has the depth and breadth of this period plus the poignant beauty which one can find from moving through grief to some kind of healing.

After a very difficult summer of 2022, Robbie Lynn purchased the Arturia Synth Controller and another Critter and Guitarri sound responsive videosynth. Playing with these wonderful devices provided some traction and became a very entertaining and fun obsession that grew into the framework for SynthX4 Suite, a profound expression of loss, grief and healing.

Robbie Lynn’s most complex¬† setup yet allows her to live mix and alter 2 channels of responsive video and live mix multiple tracks of music via a Push 2 with Ableton live with midi pedal plus the two hardware videosynth and analog video mixer. It is a crowded desk to which she adds live oboe, voice, alto, Jhorn and shenia.

She sometimes pairs this work with her pallette cleansing and hysterical playdoh synthesizer which the audience is invited to play!

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