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Presentations and Masterclasses in Experiential Installation, Multimedia Performance and Composition are available along with specialty classes in interactive design and hacked game controllers.

Specialties include the very popular Arduino micro-controller, the Makey-Makey, hacked game controllers such as the Wii remote and Xbox Kinect, Soft Circuits using conductive thread, Creative Code 101 using the free and cross-platform program Processing, its online sister P5js, and introductions to Pure Data and Max/Jitter.
Individual and group lessons are available in Nashville, TN, Chicago, IL, and Atlanta, GA, and online through Google Hangout and Skype.

All ages and levels of experience are welcome!

Here is the online version of my new P5js Handout – hot off the presses from my presentation at the 2020 Chamber Music American Conference in NY!

P5js Handout vector2